Idealistic Origins

After an eternity of contemplation, this blog has finally come to life. It aims to be as simple as possible, with a most rudimentary back-end that spites any technological advancement over the past two decades. One can only hope the content will compensate for an otherwise spartan design.

It's natural that the early posts, including this one right here, will likely have flaws and issues which aren't visible at the time of writing this. But that's not necessarily a problem. This is because authenticity is the most important principle this blog will adhere to. Authenticity requires sincerity and vulnerability, which in turn will result in posts that may not resonate with some people.

This blog is willing to sacrifice popularity for this authenticity. Extrinsic validation should not dictate the contents of this blog. The moment one concerns themselves with appealing to others, the authenticity, purity and honesty of each paragraph is potentially compromised.

With all of this in mind, this blog doesn't have any tracking, nor a focus on SEO. Neither are a priority; instead, they would simply be a reflection of the quality of the posts. The number of people who will read any of the published posts is unknown, assuming anybody will read them at all.

Will these posts be considered high quality by the world? Will they acquire any popularity? Will these posts remain obscure? One may never know, though the latter is more likely than the former. However, one or two lone souls may stumble upon these words, and maybe even find some form of value in them. If such value can be found without compromising the authenticity, then this blog would be a great accomplishment.

After all, being authentic and being heard are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, the latter often overshadows the former. With this blog, it will be the opposite: the former will take priority over the latter. It's why the author whispers into the abyss rather than yells to the world. Should you have stumbled upon this page, I dearly welcome you into the said abyss.